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Request for Comments number 324

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RFC0324 RJE Protocol meeting

RFC0324   RJE Protocol meeting    J. Postel [ April 1972 ] ( TXT = 1176 bytes)

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Network Working Group                                       J. Postel
Request for Comments #324                                   UCLA-NMC
NIC #9631                                                   3 April 72
Categories:  RJE

                          RJE Protocol Meeting

     There will be a meeting to discuss Remote Job Entry (RJE) protocols
in the ARPA Network on Friday 21 April 72.  The meeting will be held from
9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in room 2412 of the Ackerman Student Union Build-
ing at UCLA.

     Prospective attendees should contact Bryna Lang at (213) 825-2368
to confirm their attendance.

     Attendees should also be familiar with the previous work on ARPANET
RJE protocols, in particular the reports by McKenzie (25 Feb. 72) and
Kampe (8 March 72) from the previous RJE meeting.  Note that the Data and
File Transfer protocols are also relevant.

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